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DNA Biotechnology Facility

DNA Biotechnology Facility
BSP Bldg., Rm G05
91 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3149
Storrs, CT 06269

Phone:(860) 486-5024
Fax: (860) 486-5009

About Us

The DNA Biotechnology Facility is a core laboratory providing services for automated DNA sequencing, DNA Fragment Analysis, Robotic DNA Isolation, and a reagent Supply Center Program for biology research. All services are available to the entire University of Connecticut community and external academic and industrial customers. The mission of the Facility is to provide expertise and access to capital equipment and associated resources for effective cost sharing and a platform for acquiring new technology. Mr. Xiaoyang Liu heads the Facility and administers the services.

Services and Instrumentation

The DNA Biotechnology Facility offers the following services:

  • DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis
  • DNA Isolation
  • Supply Center Program

Two levels of DNA Sequencing services are available, as well as DNA Fragment Analysis:

  • Comprehensive "Full Service" - Clients bring the template DNA and primer, and the DNA Facility performs sequencing reactions, electrophoresis and data analysis.
  • Economical "Run-Only Service" - Clients conduct sequencing reactions within their respective laboratories and provide the DNA Facility with ready-to-run samples. In this case DNA performs electrophoresis and data analysis.
  • DNA "Fragment Analysis Service" - Customers are expected to bring ‘ready-to-run’ samples and to conduct data analysis on site.

Typical turnaround time for DNA sequencing is approximately 24 hours. The Facility houses two capillary electrophoresis-based DNA sequencers from Applied Biosystems:

  • A 16-Capillary 3130XL Genetic Analyzer
  • An 8-Capillary 3500 Genetic Analyzer

The Facility offers a DNA Isolation service through the use of a QIAGEN BioRobot 9600 System. This service requires a minimum batch of 96 samples.

DNA Sequencing Service Price List

Service Description and Terms:

Full service:

The customer provides template DNA and primer, either pre-mixed or in separate tubes. The DNA facility conducts cycle sequencing reactions, electrophoresis and data analysis.


The customer performs cycle sequencing reactions in his/her own lab using his/her own reagents. The samples are post cleaned and dissolved in 10-30 µL Hi-Di formamide. The DNA facility runs the electrophoresis and data analysis.

Run-Only Service, Economical:

The customer performs cycle sequencing reaction, post sequencing cleanup and submits the samples in ready to load, 10-30 µL Hi-Di formamide. The samples will be run with our ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyzer and it will take slight longer to complete (one to three days based on volume).

Template and primer are "Pre-mixed":

DNA sequencing template and primer submitted for sequencing are pre-mixed by the customer. The customer who chooses this format should meet the sample requirement defined by the DNA facility for quality, quantity, concentration and volume (see Sample Requirement).

Template and primer are "Separate":

DNA sequencing template and primer submitted for sequencing are in separate micro tubes. The customer who chooses this format should meet the sample requirement defined by the DNA facility for quality, quantity, concentration and volume (see Sample Requirement).


Samples are in micro centrifuge tubes or PCR tubes. When submitting samples in tube format, the unit price is for each template-primer mix. For instance a DNA is sequenced by a forward primer, and by a reverse primer. This is considered two template-primer mixes.

Format-96-well plate:

Samples are in the wells of 96-well plate. When placing an order using this format, the unit price is for each plate. A full plate or a partial plate will be counted as a plate. Non-skirted or semi-skirted 96-well PCR plate is preferred.


Samples submitted for Run-Only in groups of 16. The unit price is for one group. A full group of 16 samples or a partial group with less than 16 samples is considered as a group. For instance a customer submits 20 samples and orders the 16-Sample format, the order is considered for two groups of 16-samples: one full group with 16 samples and one partial group with 4 samples. Customer choose this type of format can submit samples either in individual tube, strip or plate.

Sample Requirement:

Template DNA and primer should be prepared free of contaminants. The DNA concentration should be measured by a spectrophotometer.

For pre-mixed samples:

Each pre-mixed tube or well should contain:

For template and primer separated samples:

A template is submitted with measured concentration. The volume needed is based on the size and type (plasmid or fragment). For instance you have a 5.5 kb plasmid and you need to use it as a sequencing template. You had measured the concentration of this plasmid as 150 ng/µL. From the table below, 5.5 kb size will need to have 200-500 ng DNA for each sequencing reaction. With a concentration of 150 ng/µL, 200-500 ng is from 1.3-3.3 µL. You may send us 4.0 µL for one reaction.

With the template-primer separate format, all primers are submitted at a concentration of 4.0 pmol/µL. We use somewhere 2-4 µL for each reaction. If you have many different templates and they will be sequenced with one single primer, you can submit the primer in one tube. Please submit a little more than needed volume for easy pipetting.

Turnaround Time Estimate:

Every sample will be processed immediately upon submitting to the DNA facility. The majority of the full service samples will have the sequence data overnight. Small quantities of full service samples may have the data the same day if submitted in the early morning. In general the turnaround time will not exceed three working days. The Run-Only samples will have their sequence within same day or overnight.

Multiple 96-well plates may receive data in two different ways. One way is to obtain data when all the plates have been processed and the all data are ready. Second way is to have the data whenever each plate is processed and completed. Please make a request to us if the second option is selected.

Repeat/re-work Policy:

One free re-sequencing for each failed sequencing reaction. Request from the customer for a re-sequencing is required and the request should be made within one week of data delivery. Re-submission of the sample is required.

DNA facility may make recommendation for a re-sequencing and may contact the customer to discuss strategies on troubleshooting the failed reaction.

Run-Only samples do not qualify for the free re-sequencing/repeat/re-run.

DNA Supply Center Program Re-Charge Rate

Reagents, consumables, small instrument and accessories can be purchased through the DNA Supply Center Program. These are the current vendors for the Supply Center Program:

  • Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • New England BioLabs
  • Qiagen
  • Thermo Fisher (Invitrogen/Life Technologies/ABI/Gibco/Ambion/Molecular Probes)
  • Sigma-Aldrich (coming soon)

The DNA Supply Center Program passes all discounted prices to the end users. The program offers free shipping and overnight delivery. Oligo DNA primers can be ordered through the program as well.

Customers can bring their own promotion code or special quote to the program. There will be a "re-charge fee" added to the purchase cost base.

All rates are subject to periodic review and change.

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