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DNA Biotechnology Facility

DNA Biotechnology Facility
BSP Bldg., Rm G05
91 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3149
Storrs, CT 06269

Phone:(860) 486-5024
Fax: (860) 486-5009

About Us

The DNA Biotechnology Facility is a core laboratory providing services for automated DNA sequencing, DNA Fragment Analysis, Robotic DNA Isolation, and a reagent Supply Center Program for biology research. All services are available to the entire University of Connecticut community and external academic and industrial customers. The mission of the Facility is to provide expertise and access to capital equipment and associated resources for effective cost sharing and a platform for acquiring new technology. Mr. Xiaoyang Liu heads the Facility and administers the services.

Services and Instrumentation

The DNA Biotechnology Facility offers the following services:

  • DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis
  • DNA Isolation
  • Supply Center Program

Two levels of DNA Sequencing services are available, as well as DNA Fragment Analysis:

  • Comprehensive "Full Service" - Clients bring the template DNA and primer, and the DNA Facility performs sequencing reactions, electrophoresis and data analysis.
  • Economical "Run-Only Service" - Clients conduct sequencing reactions within their respective laboratories and provide the DNA Facility with ready-to-run samples. In this case DNA performs electrophoresis and data analysis.
  • DNA "Fragment Analysis Service" - Customers are expected to bring ‘ready-to-run’ samples and to conduct data analysis on site.

Typical turnaround time for DNA sequencing is approximately 24 hours. The Facility houses two capillary electrophoresis-based DNA sequencers from Applied Biosystems:

  • A 16-Capillary 3130XL Genetic Analyzer
  • An 8-Capillary 3500 Genetic Analyzer

The Facility offers a DNA Isolation service through the use of a QIAGEN BioRobot 9600 System. This service requires a minimum batch of 96 samples.

The Facility also operates a Supply Center Program with products from four vendors:

  • Bio-Rad (discounts ranging from 0 to 35%)
  • Life Technologies (includes ABI, Invitrogen, Gibco, Molecular Probes, Ambion, Novex—discounts ranging from 0 to 65%)
  • New England BioLabs (15% discount on every item)
  • Qiagen (8% discount on every item)

Through the Supply Center Program researchers can order any item from the above vendors. There will be no charges for shipping and handling. Orders placed before 2:00 PM will usually be available for pick up noon the next day. Oligo DNA primers can be ordered through the program. All discounts are passed to the end users.

Use of the Facility

All UConn customers must have a valid KFS account number. Registration with the Facility is not required.

DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis

Customers need to bring their samples to the Facility for processing. The DNA Facility provides the following universal sequencing primers free of charge: T7 forward (T7 promoter), T7 reverse (T7 terminator), M13 forward, M13 reverse, SP6.

Supply Center Program Orders

Customers may place orders by phone, fax, email, or in person. Ordering by email is preferred. The address is Please note oligo DNA primer orders are accepted by email only.

Pricing & Cost for Services

DNA Sequencing:
Full-Service: $8.00 per reaction
Run-Only: $2.50 per sample

DNA Fragment Analysis:
$144.00 for each 96-well plate
$2.50 for each individual sample

Robotic Plasmid DNA Isolation:
$271.10 for each batch of 96-samples

Supply Center Program:
A 7% re-charge fee applies for each item ordered through the program. The final cost of an item will be the item price adjusted for any discounts plus 7%. All of the above prices apply to UConn researchers. External customers will pay an additional 58% overhead.

All rates are subject to periodic review and change.

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