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Analytical Ultracentrifugation Facility

Analytical Ultracentrifugation Facility
Biology-Physics Bldg., Rm. G05
91 N. Eagleville Rd, Unit-3149
Storrs, CT 06269-3149

Phone: (860) 486-5036
Fax: (860) 486-5005

About Us

The Analytical Ultracentrifugation Facility located at the University of Connecticut engages in collaborative research as well as training scientists, technicians, and students.

Beckman XL-I Analytical Ultracentrifuges

The Facility has three Beckman XL-I ultracentrifuges along with associated instruments, hardware and computers. In addition, University scientists are on hand to provide user support and advice. Dr. James Cole from the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology directs the AU Facility and Jeffrey Lary is the facility scientist.

From Left to Right: Facility Head James Cole and Facility Scientist Jeffrey Lary

Services & Instrumentation

Analytical ultracentrifugation (AU) is a rigorous method to characterize the size, shape and interactions of molecules and macromolecules in solution. The Facility's ultracentrifuges are equipped for real-time collection of AU data using absorbance and interference detection. These data are analyzed to provide native molecular weights, association states, homogeneity and binding constants (associating systems).

Typical Sedimentation Velocity Scans for a Multi-component System

Among its available programs the Facility offers HeteroAnalysis, a program designed to analyze sedimentation equilibrium data.

This user-friendly program includes a variety of modules to analyze associating systems. There are modules for model-dependent simulation of data, for "matching" data in order to determine when equilibrium has been achieved, and for editing and fitting data.

The results of all fits are written to a log which can be edited and saved. The program and helpfile can be found at

The AU Facility routinely employs a variety of software packages from other laboratories to analyze AU data, including DC/DT+ (John Philo), SEDANAL (Walter Stafford and Peter Sherwood), and SEDFIT/SEDPHAT (Peter Schuck).

The Facility also has an Aviv AU-FDS fluorescence detector. By providing 10,000-fold enhanced sensitivity over absorbance and interference detectors, the AU-FDS permits investigations of molecules at picomolar concentrations. In addition, the fluorescence detector expands the applications of AU to selectively study labeled biomolecules in complex mixtures, including serum, cell lysates and pharmaceutical formulations.

Aviv AU-FDS Fluorescence Detection System © Aviv Biomedical, Inc. Lakewood, NJ


The AU Facility provides individual and group training to academia and industry. These collaborations are performed on a cost basis and interested parties should contact Dr. James Cole by phone at (860) 486-4333 or by email at

Cost for Services

A standard sedimentation velocity run includes 3-4 samples, analysis, and a written report. Custom AU runs, either sedimentation velocity or sedimentation equilibrium, are charged at a basic rate per 100K revolutions plus hourly charges for setup and analysis. For more specific information about prices and experimental design contact Facility Scientist Jeffrey Lary at, or by phone (860) 486-5036.

All rates are subject to periodic review and change.

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